Turtle dating meadow soprano in real life

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Turtle dating meadow soprano in real life - Sex Chat

Yep, the storyline has written itself into real life, with the duo now dating.

let's face it, the show is 'Entourage', not 'Vince'.People were gaping at her the same way everyone would stare at a UFO if it just randomly landed on the stage. What's wrong with a few female celebs defying the unwritten rule that it's much more appealing to men if they whittle themselves down to an unnatural weight like they're training to fight Brian Chute? You could have ordered her a milkshake or a Guinness without worrying about having it thrown back in your face. Parity might work for the NFL, but for the NBA's purposes, we're always better off as fans when there are nine or 10 teams that fall somewhere among "wildly entertaining," "very good" and "potentially excellent." Because of overexpansion, overpaid/overhyped stars, untimely injuries and a genuine talent swoon, the league lost its way competitively from 1994 through 2007.Nothing against Courteney Cox, but I walked by her in Hollywood last year, and she was built like a manhole cover. And while we're here, if I ever see Lindsay Lohan in person, I just might sob Nancy Kerrigan-style and start screaming, "Why????? The comeback season in 2007-08 happened for four specific reasons: the decade-long influx of foreign players; an established rookie salary scale that prevented talented youngsters from pulling a Kenny Anderson on us; a boom of gifted young players in the 20-to-25 age range; and a generation of well-known stars in the 30-to-37 age range who can now remain effective because of medical and training advances. Now we're headed for a 2008-09 season with eight contenders firmly entrenched in the "very good/potentially excellent" range (Boston, Detroit, Cleveland, Houston, L.The comeback season was pushed over the top by three have-nots (Memphis, Seattle and Minnesota) strengthening two haves (Boston and the L. A., San Antonio, New Orleans, Utah), four wannabes itching to join them (Orlando, Philly, Phoenix, Dallas) and three teams that have a chance to be "entertaining/intriguing" (Portland, Toronto, Miami). Because we also have a swollen number of doormats in the "fairly incompetent/unabashedly rebuilding/shamefully young/worse-than-you-think" range (by my count, a whopping 10 teams).In 2008, if you took her to that same diner, she would order a Diet Coke and a garden salad with the dressing on the side, leave three times to smoke Marlboro Lights, stare at your onion rings for 20 minutes before eating two of them, disappear into the bathroom for another 20 minutes, then ask you to pay the check because she couldn't be late for her Pilates appointment.Also, there's a decent chance one of her ribs would break when she put on her seat belt on the way home.

Call me crazy, but I liked the old days a little more.

I have a friend who went to the 2008 Emmys and reported that the actress who plays Joan (Christina Hendricks) nearly caused a riot every time she walked across the room, left her seat for a bathroom trip or whatever.

If the 2008-09 NBA season were a TV character, it would definitely be Joan Holloway from "Mad Men." You know her as the saucy, bosomy redhead who can't even be called "curvy" because that would be like calling Amy Winehouse "troubled" or Isiah Thomas "embattled." It's too big of an understatement.

See, Joan Holloway is built like an "S." Top-heavy and bottom-heavy at the same time.

Joan's figure became obsolete for Hollywood characters in the age of healthy eating, chain-smoking, overexercising, plastic surgery and a few nefarious weight-watching tricks I'm not allowed to mention.

In 1962, you could take Joan on a date to a diner, and she would order a patty melt, onion rings and a vanilla malt and finish off everything with a smile on her face.

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