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His first song/music video "Could You Be The One" premiered August 2, 2008 on the Disney Channel followed by "Here I Go" and "All You Gotta Do".

Anthony Michael "Tony" Oller (born February 25, 1991) is an American singer, songwriter and actor.He had roles as Walt Moore on Gigantic, and as Daniel "Danny" Neilson on As the Bell Rings.He appeared in the films Beneath the Darkness and The Purge.As The Bell Rings features three original songs recorded by Oller. Born on 25th February, 1991 (Pisces) in Houston, Texas, USA and educated at Cy-Fair High School, High School Diploma, Houston, Texas, 2009 Graduated with Honors in Debate, Lettered in Radio & Television, he is famous for Danny Neilson on As the Bell Rings and Walt Moore on Gi Gantic in a career that spans 2004–present. Born Carlson Elizabeth Young on 29th October, 1990 in Fort Worth, Texas, USA, she is famous for The Dog Who Saved Christmas Vacation in a career that spans 2007–present.Hope you entered the WIN A DATE WITH TONY OLLER contest in our MAR08 issue!

If not, here is a funny video that until today was only available at

and said "gettin my popcorn out : P" He also told her to "get home soon :)." Plus, in the beginning of December the two also divulged in a flirty exchange about the kind of girl Tony likes.


While no one knows for certain, it definitely seems like something is going on between them.

They've been friends for years (the throwback photo below is kind of our favorite) and have never been this openly flirtatious before.

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