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One Grieving Mother's Crusade Ann Burke remembers her daughter, Lindsay, as an outgoing girl.

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The two began dating, and soon thereafter Ann noticed that Gerardo started acting controlling."He called Lindsay all the time and they talked for ages," says Ann. She became angry and distant, and I had no idea why."Ann says that neither she nor her daughter had ever learned about dating violence, and when she approached Lindsay to talk, Lindsay denied that anything was wrong.When Lindsay finally ended her two-year relationship with Gerardo, Ann felt hopeful, but hesitant."I was worried because Lindsay wouldn't change her phone number, which I felt was important to keep her safe," says Ann.The decision was unanimous: In June of this year, all 50 state attorneys general passed the Teen Dating Violence Education Resolution, which calls for every American student to learn about teen dating violence and abuse each and every year from grades seven through 12.The resolution — the first of its kind — finally acknowledges that relationship education is every bit as lifesaving as other safety courses that are taught in school, like alcohol awareness and health class.

But passing the resolution is only the first step in making sure that an entire generation of girls never suffers abuse at the hands of a boyfriend or husband. To ensure that the nationwide Teen Dating Violence Education Resolution gets implemented in every middle and high school across the country, REDBOOK has joined Liz Claiborne Inc.

in its dating-abuse education campaign: MADE to Stop Teen Dating Abuse — and we'd like you to join us too.

Volunteer to be chosen to be part of this coalition of parents, teachers, and concerned citizens, and you will work with your state's attorneys general and local school systems and also receive materials and guidance about how to encourage communities to prioritize the promotion of healthy relationships.

You can also sign the petition on the MADE website right now.

We will be choosing two REDBOOK readers from each state to join the MADE coalition as action leaders and advocates for teen dating education. Nominate yourself by emailing [email protected] the subject line "WWS Action Leader" and tell us why you believe relationship violence is an important issue and why you want to be involved.

Be sure to include your full name, age, hometown, and contact information. Let's work together to make abusive relationships history.