Radgrid edit not updating

06-Jan-2016 22:51 by 8 Comments

Radgrid edit not updating - Free Online

(I don't want them to have to push the add new button) What I did when I wanted to do the same with the Telerik grid is to set the Master Table View.

public void On Rad Grid Item Command(object sender, Grid Command Event Args e) { if (e.If I click the default insert link button of the Rad Grid instead, the grid Edit Form Item has value so I can simply find the value of my textbox there. Thanks, sorry, I didn't read your post properly. Item Index]; then Text Box tb Server Name = (Text Box)edited Item.did you try getting the grid item and finding the controls using Find Control? Find Control("tb Server Name ").protected void Rad Grid1_Item Command(object sender, Grid Command Event Args e) { if (e.i guess it goes something like this: Grid Item edited Item = Rad Grid ID. Command Name == "Test Connection") { var Form Item = e.Command Name == "Test Connection") { var grid Edit Form Item = e.Item as Grid Edit Form Item; if (grid Edit Form Item == null) throw new Application Exception("grid Edit Form Item is null"); var server Name Text Box = grid Edit Form Item.

Find Control("tb Server Name") as Text Box; } } The problem is that the grid Edit Form Item variable is null at this stage so I can't figure out the value of the server name text box for example.

How to get the value of the textbox on Rad Grid Item Command event handler?

Seems like this should be easy but I must just be missing something...

I have a Telerik Rad Grid on a page that allows inline editing.

How do I programatically put the grid into edit mode to insert a new row into the grid.

When the page loads I would like show the existing data and also display 1 empty row that a user can easily type into to add a new record to the table.

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