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Having taken the huge step in life to relocate to a new country, it’s important to secure peace of mind in as many aspects of your new life as possible; and ensuring that healthcare will be available for you and your family is a must.

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If you come to Paris, the alleged City of Love, expecting to fall head-over-heels for a talented and caring French man, then you are probably expecting a little too much.Since living in Paris I have been followed on the metro by creepy men just because I happened to make eye contact with them.I have sat in parks and walked along busy streets and been fully aware of perverts leering in my peripheral vision.Just the other day, my friend and I sat down on a grassy verge to catch some sun and were forced to move when we realized that a middle-aged man, sitting purposely about 2 metres away from us, had had his eyes completely fixated on us for a good ten minutes.Of course, not all French men are downright perverted and there are plenty who behave respectfully towards women.Don’t get me wrong, there are most probably plenty of wonderful, beautiful Frenchies who have eyes for only you, but so far my experience of French guys in Paris has not been a particularly brilliant one.

In England, most half-decent men will try their hardest to avoid staring at a woman in public, no matter how long her legs or large her cleavage.

In Paris, it is apparently acceptable to stare unashamedly at anything female, and “hey baby! I often wonder, as I walk along the street wearing jeans and a t-shirt to constant cat-calls from grim-looking men, what they are hoping to achieve. Or do they perhaps think it’s amusing to make women feel uncomfortable as they carry out their day-to-day life?

I don’t think I will ever know, and I certainly don’t want to ask.

However, even when it comes to dating you should not expect them to follow the same unwritten rules as in England or the US.

The French – Parisians in particular – are not shy.

If they like what you look like, they will walk right up to you and tell you.