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Readers of the New York Times know it as the "Weddings/Celebrations" section, which appears in every Sunday paper.Cynics have taken to labeling it the Women's Sports Page. Those browsing through the most recent installment weren't likely to miss the prominent placement of a story about attorney Robert F. and actress Cheryl Hines tying the knot at the home of Ethel Kennedy in Hyannis Port on Aug. The story proceeded prosaically enough, initially describing the backgrounds of the newlyweds -- Hines, 48, played the wife of Larry David in the HBO series "Curb Your Enthusiasm" from 2000 to 2011.

Kennedy, 60, is president of the Waterkeeper Alliance, an "international water protection organization," senior lawyer for the Natural Resources Defense Fund, chief prosecuting attorney for Riverkeeper, yet another enviro group, and co-host of the "Ring of Fire" radio show with Sam Seder and Mike Papantonio, the latter an occasional and well-deserving presence here at News Busters. David then added, ""Nothing you ever do will rattle her." There you have it, folks -- quite possibly the only instance in the last century of a Kennedy male "expressing concern" about, uh, "dating" an actress, to say nothing of marrying one.Kennedy and Hines met through Larry David, "who introduced them two years in a row," the Times tells us, first at a ski resort in Alberta, the following year at another in Utah. "People in my circle tend to look at people in politics as being boring," she said. Had the timing been off a minute or so when I read that, my laptop would have ended up sprayed with half-swallowed coffee.Here's what follows in the story -- Nothing came of it until, Mr. Such timidity clearly wasn't the case with Joseph P.Kennedy said, there was a third slopeside get-together, this time at a resort in Aspen, Colo. Kennedy, Bobby Jr.'s granddad and JFK's bankroll for the '60 campaign."I was separated at the time, and Cheryl was still married," Mr. The prodigal patriarch carried on an open affair with actress Gloria Swanson for years, to the point of bringing her to Hyannis Port while his wife and children were there.Is the "Rat Pack" nearly as famous, then and now, if Nixon was elected in 1960?

Think back to JFK Jr.'s "George" magazine and the people who appeared most often on its cover -- actresses and models, actors, and the occasional politician, as you'd expect for a magazine that mixed politics and entertainment.

I perused enough People magazines in dentists' offices during the '80s to recall that JFK Jr.

The apple didn't fall far from the tree when it came to Joe senior's second born.

I'm reminded of a cartoon I saw back in the mid-70s when revelations of John Kennedy's pathological womanizing first surfaced.

A man reading a newspaper, shocked expression on his face, says to his wife, "How about that?

Here's a woman who claims she didn't sleep with JFK." Among those who apparently did were enough starlets to cast several sequels of "Showgirls," though his long-rumored dalliance with Marilyn Monroe has never been confirmed, despite Sy Hersh's efforts to nail it.

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