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The best time of year to visit most of Indonesia is April to October, when the climate is relatively cool and dry.A tragic drop in tourist hordes means that Indonesia’s “tourist high season” no longer presents the same kind of activity and inconvenience it once did.

The whole archipelago is tropical, with temperatures at sea level always between 21˚C and 33˚C, although cooler in the mountains.In most parts of Indonesia, the wet season falls between October and April (low season), and the dry season between May and September (high season).Rain tends to come in sudden tropical downpours, but it can also rain nonstop for days.Though travel in the wet season is not usually a major problem in most parts of Indonesia, mud-clogged back roads can be a deterrent.Not just if you are a foreign tourist, but the locals participate in the sex industry actively and this the reason you will see motels on every corner in certain areas of the city.Sex traveling in Indonesia is a mixture of frequented as much by Indonesian-Indonesian couples as by horny Westerners indulging themselves.

Prostitution in Indonesia is legally considered a “offense against decency/morality”, although it is widely practiced, tolerated and regulated.

But before planning your next trip to Indonesia, it’s good to know all the essential information about the country for an unforgettable adult vacation.

Indonesia is a massive archipelago of disparate islands (17508 islands to be precise) with a population over 238 millions making it the fourth most populous country in the world.

Indonesia has 108.000 Km of beautiful beaches, which Bali’s beaches are world famous among the surf community.

The majority of the Indonesian population is Muslim with sporadic areas ruled by minority religions.

Indonesia being Muslim, you will find an unexpected mental openness and sex isn’t a taboo.