Filipina eyes dating online

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Filipina eyes dating online - Online sex

She spoke excellent English, had a good job, and was well educated.She knew how to cook and liked to clean (yes, she actually enjoyed cleaning).

I was sick of hearing about careers and reality TV. Having a casual arrangement with a somewhat Americanized Asian woman, while more fulfilling than your typical American chick, still wasn’t hitting the sweet spot. I did an eight week pre-trip seek and destroy mission on a few dating sites.It was time to mix things up a bit and venture far from home for a little while. I’ve been all around this God forsaken planet, seen a ton of cool shit, and slept with some beautiful women. My goal was to find an attractive, respectable, and feminine Filipina between 20-24 years old.It took me eight days of searching to find what I was looking for.She only had one boyfriend in the past and they were together for four years—she had been single for nearly a year and a half when we first began contact with no casual flings or one-night stands during that time period. He has traveled extensively and enjoys vacationing abroad from time to time. While a good-hearted traditional man in his mind, he's a total philanderer in reality.

It had been a couple of years since my last real vacation outside the United States (in excess of 48 hours, anyway). I met and talked with a lot of different Filipina’s on my first two trips, and there are some high quality women there.

Being fed up with American women, and all of their annoying horse shit, began to wear me down a bit. I was tired of hearing stories about tattoos, and even more tired of looking at them. A genuine man that’s true to himself doesn’t suffer American women well; I was completely burnt out. There are Asian countries with better looking women and better living conditions, but I always have a great time there. On my first two trips, the focus was on getting laid—a lot. I wanted to find one of these high quality women for myself and see how things went.

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You can contact him at [email protected] A few months ago I was on a mission.

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    She spoke excellent English, had a good job, and was well educated.