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Featuring many elements of the classic gothic novel (a kind of theme on this list of classic romantic novels) Jane Eyre tells the story of the title character’s life in the form of a simple narrative divided into parts.

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We read about Genji’s early loves, his first unsatisfying romantic experiences, even his marriages and divorces.A powerfully romantic and ancient text, The Tale of Genji is also not very popular or well read.Treat yourself to a unique reading experience, and pick of the translation by Royall Tyle.This novel from the mid-19th century is still a classic romantic tale because the story is so powerful, and the characters incredibly vibrant.When people think of romance in books, they think of those cheesy books with shirtless male models on the cover and an abundance of juicy language between the pages.While there is nothing wrong with books like this, and fans of them come from all walks of life, some of us just can’t consider them truly “romantic”.

Romantic love has more to it than steamy physical contact between our hero and the hopeless heroine in some English garden.

Although, having read that back, it isn’t a bad start.

Classic romantic novels are those books that we read over and over, those tales of passion and desire (and maybe just a touch of steam) that have stood the test of time as great manuals of what romance really is.

Here is a list of eight classic romance novels, from all periods of history. into English by Royall Tyler) Some literary types tell us that this text is considered the “first novel”, or at least the first “romantic novel” – it was written sometime between 10 CE by a Japanese noblewoman.

The text tells the story of Genji the son of a Japanese emperor, who is relegated to citizen status for political reasons and has to work hard to attract women.

There is no traditional “plot”, rather the text simply tells stories over time, in succession.

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